Tremeau was founded with the goal of developing and delivering non-opioid pain therapies for well-defined patient populations.

Principles of engagement

At Tremeau, we are committed to building trust with all we do. We know that trust is earned over time through actions, not words. This shared philosophy acts as our compass, guiding our behavior and decisions.

Two Females

We are committed to an ethical and transparent approach

We will work with patients, healthcare professionals and the FDA to ensure appropriate use of our medicines. To make this possible we will:

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Target indications or populations for which traditional NSAIDs may not be advised or opioids are frequently prescribed

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Emphasize important safety considerations regarding dose and duration and ensure packaging is consistent with our label

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Provide patient and healthcare professional education on the benefits and risks of our products

Father and Son

We serve people in pain

We are a company devoted to meeting the needs of well-defined patient populations who need non-opioid pain management options. We will engage with patients, caregivers and their communities to:

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Identify unmet patient needs

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Determine obstacles to access and potential solutions

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Raise awareness of community needs

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Bring value and support beyond treatments


We serve the healthcare professionals who treat these patients

We know that everything we do hinges on the HCPs who treat patients in pain. To build their trust, we commit to:

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Act with medical and scientific integrity

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Share clinical trial data in a timely and transparent manner

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Ensure compliance and transparency in all healthcare professional interactions

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Adhere to the highest standards of integrity for all sales and marketing activities

Our history and background define us

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